Blog Audit

This is my tenth blog post, all of them have been for the blogging challenge. I have seven comments total, but three of those comments are from me. The three posts that got the most comments were the lighting poem, how to make a noodle sandwich and what I hope to do when I get older, i don’t know why this happened but maybe because these are my most interesting ones. I liked writing the what I hope to do when I get older because I had a lot to write about. I didn’t change my theme because when I saw this one I really liked it, out of the 100+ themes I just thought that this one was the best, maybe because I liked the colors but I can’t remember that long ago in detail. I have seven widgets on my blog and i don’t think that’s enough compared to my classmate Nicholas L. You can check out his awesome widgets here. Sadly I don’t have any oversea blogs on my blog roll because I didn’t think the ones I read were worthy of such a great honer to be on my blog roll.

What my brother thinks of my blog is kind of sad, but my brother is kind of an idiot. After I write about him nicely in one of my best blogs he thinks that my blog is, and I quote “Kinda blank”, he said this in monotone which worse than a normal speaking voice. The thing that captured his attention was how he thought that my name was delaniea m, de-lane-i-a m is how he pronounced it. The thing that distracted him was how my voki sounded like a man, however I don’t think it does, to find out what it does sound like you’ll have to scroll down to see my voki(a voki is a talking avatar, to get your own go to here). His suggestion to me was to make it more exciting and to add more stuff. But to end with a happier note he is 18 now so he wont be living with me for very much longer. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks or reading! and Cole (my brother’s name), if you are reading this than I was kidding about the idiot thing, but if your not than I wasn’t kidding. Have a great day!


The person I would like to nominate is Nicolas, but I call him Nicole because he tolerates it. His blog is . I picked him because he wrights amazing posts. I always like his titles and he comes up with cleaver things to wright about. I think that he did a great job this year with the challenges. He does a great job each time he wrights. That is the reason why I think he deserves to be nominated. Thanks for reading my blog! Also please check out Nicholas’ blog here.

What I Hope to do When I Get Older

So later in life I obviously want a nice job, I’ve been thinking and I think that I would want to be a Judge, but maybe I want to work with kids, I can’t decide. I definitely want to go to college. I thought it would be cool to be to flag person at a nascar race because you would get the best seat and you don’t have to do much. Some people don’t know this but I like nascar. My brother wants to be a race car driver when he gets older he already got a fire suit and helmet. I can’t wait to see him race.

I love to play soccer and when I go to collage I kinda wanted to play on their team, but I don’t think that I would be good enough. I need to practice more. I don’t like to run and I think that’s the whole problem. I also like to roller skate, I’m on a team, but only the junior team, my cousin is on the real team and we go to competitions. The regional completion is coming up, but I won’t be competing this year, but maybe next year.

In my flex class, we are learning about the future, like a big game of life. We have to have a job and find a house and try to live like a person and stuff. I am a judge and I live with two other people, their names are Emma and Taylor. They are my friends for real too. I think that this is a fun class. I kinda hope that the future doesn’t come soon because I like not having a job and paying bills and stuff, but at the same time I want some MONEY! Thanks for reading my blog!


Photo Credit: The Freewheeling Daredevil via Compfight cc


At the end of the day, I usually go to soccer practice. However we get Fridays off. We have games on Mondays and Wednesdays. Our first game was Monday and we lost, but on Wednesday we tied 2-2. I’ve been playing soccer sence I was little, and I still love it. I wonder if we’ll win our next game, wish us luck. Thanks for reading my blog!


So this weeks blog was about leadership. At my school there are some leadership roles that students can apply for. One of those is being a WEB leader. As a WEB leader you have to guide 6th graders on the right path to success, also you help them be organized and get all of there assignments done on time. WEB leaders sometimes help with assemblies or socials. Right now I am in 7th grade, WEB leaders are in 8th grade, but I could apply to be a WEB leader this year and then maybe I’ll be one. I want to be a WEB leader, but there is just so much work to do and stuff, I’m really lazy. I haven’t decided yet is I want to be a WEB leader, but it is a great opportunity to do better things later on in life.

How To Make A Noodle Sandwich

Some people don’t even know what a noodle sandwich is so I’ll explain what a noodle sandwich really is. You know when you have a piece of bread and you have some noodles? Well then you put the noodles on the bread, then you have two choices. The first choice is to then grab another piece of bread to put on top, the other choice is to just fold the one piece of bread, that you had the noodles on originally, and fold it in half. Then being very careful, you eat it like a taco. However you eat the double breaded sandwich, a.k.a. the full sandwich, like a normal sandwich. This technique repeated with things like diner rolls, garlic bread, and yes even donuts (even though I don’t recommend it on a donut, it’s just possible). Also the most important thing is to not judge it until you try it. Thanks for reading my blog!


I don’t really have very many memories of my childhood because a basicly did the same thing every day. I wake up, go to school, come home, watch tv. I did that almost every day, except weekends. On weekends I went to my grandma’s and my aunt Jennifer’s house to spend the night. At my thier house we would stay up late watching my grandma’s shows, like Project Runway or the Price is Right and others like those. We also played board games and the games where you put the DVD in the DVD player and it asks you questions. I think the game we played the most that was like that was Scene It. We had all different kinds like Disney Channel, Disney Pixar, and Disney. We probably had more than that, but those are the ones I remember. We also watched movies and ate popcorn. Unfortunately my grandma pasted away last year. I will never forget doing all that fun stuff with her and my aunt.

A Day In Oregon

If you spent a day here in Oregon, there are some must see places, such as Crater Lake or Hayward Field. Hayward Field is where the Olympic Trials for the US was held. Also if you came to Oregon, you would have to check out our awesome football teams, the Ducks, and the close second on the awesome scale, the Beavers. Personally, I am a Duck fan, but if the Beavers aren’t playing a team I like, then I’d want them to win.

When I get older, I want to go to the University of Oregon. My class and I went there on a field trip, and it was pretty awesome. On the field trip, we got to see a balloon explode, and we played a game similar to Jeopardy, except the questions were about the university. Some of the students at my school, including me, will be going to a city called Ashland. We will be seeing some plays, because the Shakespeare Festival will be starting soon. We will stay in a fancy hotel and go to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and we will be missing school for two days.  So there are a lot of fun things to do in Oregon, take a trip here soon. Thanks for reading my blog! Don’t forget to take the short quiz I made.